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Feb 23 2017

Where Technology Meets Luggage: Ready Luggage

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If you’re like me I’m constantly forgetting to charge my phone and find myself running out of battery when I really need it. Add to that we’re frequent travelers which means that I often find myself with little to do in countless airports around the world. While Steven is off playing Pokemon Go, browsing the internet or listening to his iPod, I’m sitting there in complete boredom. Of course, most of the time we talk to each other, but sometimes you need something else to keep you entertained during 8 hour layovers.



Steven is constantly teasing me about this: my lack of charge and his bountiful charge to browse the internet while I have to suffer through an iPod and iPhone-less existence. Recently I heard about a product called Ready Luggage that allows you to charge your devices through your luggage. Could this be a solution for those of us who put off charging their batteries until it’s too late?





Apart from being able to charge your phone through the luggage there are a few other features which fuse technology with the humble suitcase. The first of which also comes with a confession on my part.

Steve and I have a portable luggage weight which doesn’t seem to be  re-chargeable. Due to this we don’t really tell our friends that we have it, as the battery’s getting low. The second negative about this is you literally have to lift your luggage up in the air to weigh it. With our suitcases routinely weighing over 15 kilos that not exactly fun.



Being the battery conserving, lifting adverse people we are, the suitcase’s inbuilt weighing feature really speaks to us.  The suitcase’s own scale can tell you the weight of your luggage at any point in your journey without any luggage hoisting on your part – and conveniently for us it’s impossible to share with your friends (I know, I know, we’re horrible people). This would have come in handy for our recent Japan trip where we had to weigh (and lift) our suitcase multiple times to reduce our weight to under the 10 kilo limit.





Right now the suitcase comes in one size, which is pre-approved for carry on limits. This means it’s the one you can take on the plane with you, rather than the suitcase you’ll put in the checked compartment. I’m assuming the proximity alarm (a feature I’ll mention in a second) can be switched off if you decide to check it instead. Another great feature is the proximity alarm, if you accidentally walk off without your bag it sends a message to your mobile to let you know you’ve left it (or someone has taken off with it).



The suitcase also comes with a TSA lock. For those of you who aren’t familar, a TSA lock is one that you can set a code to to protects non officials from opening your luggage. The twist is that it comes with a feature that allows TSA agents to open it without having to break your lock or cut into your bag. Don’t stress – TSA agents are unlikely to unlock your bags unless there’s a very good reason, and if there is – they’ll be opening it regardless of which lock you’re using.



I’d be interested to see if they come out with bigger, checked bag sizes in the future, which we will definitely be looking into.



Other features of the new Ready Luggage suitcase

  • Proximity alarm: The suitcase features a proximity alarm which will send a message to your mobile phone if you accidentally leave it behind.
  • A cup holder
  • Zipperless, instead a TSA lock: see above
  • Two USB ports for charging
  • Aluminium frame and hard shell
  • Carry on approved
  • Water resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Shock resistant 360 degree spinner wheels
  • Built in strap to secure handbag or coat to the top of luggage


They currently have a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo of which they have already reached their target for production, meaning these suitcases are starting production soon. If you are interested in getting yourself one of these suitcases head over there and put your name down for pre order for 40% off the technology infused suitcase. Shipping is free worldwide.



Disclaimer: We were offered a Ready Case Suitcase in exchange for this mention. We are genuinally excited for this suitcase innovation.

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