They Get Around | Travel Vlogs of December: Ljubljana, Lake Brienz & Lauterbrunnen
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Jan 05 2017

Travel Vlogs of December: Ljubljana, Lake Brienz & Lauterbrunnen



For the month of December we travelled quite a bit, hence we weren’t able to upload too many videos to our travel vlog channel.

Scroll down to see the entire three videos we uploaded during the month 😉 including a room tour of our beautiful hotel in Ljubljana, our day at Lake Brienz and a trip to see Lauterbrunnen and the Trummelbach Falls.


  • Looking out the window of your hotel in Ljbuljana, it looks almost like Salzburg. 🙂
    We’re headed there next week for a month. Any advice?

    Jan 10, 2017 at 5:44 am

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