They Get Around | Travel Vlogs January to March 2017
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Apr 24 2017

Travel Vlogs January to March 2017

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We uploaded a few travel vlogs between the first quarter of 2017 that you may not have seen yet.

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Channel Trailer



After roughly a year on YouTube we’ve finally made a channel trailer.

Over the course of a few weeks I hunted down footage from our travels to Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Latin America to put together an overview of our travels. Hope you liked it!





Prior to our Europe trip we stopped midway between uploadin our Sichuan vlogs in an effort to be more timely. However after a short break we thought we’d finish off our Sichuan vlogs so here they are. Earlier videos such as our panda trip and exploring Chengdu can be found in our Travel to China playlist (click here).





In this video we explore China’s epic national park: Jiuzhaigou. This is one of our more popular videos.





We squeezed in a hotel review from our recent South Korea trip as our sponsored stays need to be timely. Take a look at our tour of this awesome hotel in Seoul.





Huanglong is in the same area as Jiuzhaigou and despite having limited time there, it was one of our highlights of the trip. A must for nature lovers.





If we were a tv show I guess you could call this a bottle episode. After flying from the Jiuzhai Valley to Xi’an we are holed out in our hotel room talking about our secrets.





Visiting the Terracotta Warriors in China’s sweltering summer is not advised, but we did it. It was crowded but we did go during the summer holidays.





Our second Valentines Day in China. Look at how we spent it and what we brought each other.




This video was actually filmed just before we flew off to Switzerland. In order to get married in China we needed to get some paperwork from the Australian embassy in Shanghai. Since we stayed overnight Steven also went into a dark building blair witch style to get a photo of the impressive Nanpu bridge.






After catching up on our Sichuan travel vlogs, we dived back into our Europe travel vlogs – more precisely our terrible start in Italy. We stayed for two and half days in the Cinque Terre with only one euro in our pockets. Watch us try not to talk about food we can’t eat while exploring this pretty spot.





Our time in Cinque Terre consisted of not eating, but having an okay time anyway. I’d love to go back one day with money so we can see more of the area.





You guessed it! We were finally able to access our money and we treated ourselves by eating a ton of Italian food in Florence.





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