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Dec 09 2016

Travel Vlog Catch Ups & Instagram News

In this week’s round up of our travel vlogs and videos we’re sharing our amazing paragliding trip with Paragliding Interlaken (read the full review here), a short video on our fine dining experience in Zurich with Sorell Hotels and our two part Q&A series. Oh and Steve and I also ate a bunch of Swiss candy, if you’re into those kind of videos.



Also just in case you missed our announcement on Monday we’ll be going to Japan next week with about thirty Chinese girls that we work with. It’s going to be an experience – you can follow along on our travel Snapchat.

We’ve had so many trips lately (and we have a few upcoming) so we’ve decided that we are no longer posting consecutively on our Instagram account. Watch out for our pictures from Japan, Europe, China, Australia, Central & South America, New Zealand or India popping up in random order.



I’ll stop talking (Steven’s number one request) – here are our videos from last week.


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