They Get Around | The Buzz Aldrins of Australian Influencers: We Came 2nd at the Australian Influencer Awards!
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Apr 06 2017

The Buzz Aldrins of Australian Influencers: We Came 2nd at the Australian Influencer Awards!



Last month we were invited to the Australian Influencer Awards hosted by My Deal in Melbourne as we had made it into the Top 100 of Australian influencers. Since we were in China we were unable to attend but sent our old friend Kyle in our place. Personally I would have killed to have gone myself and finally met some other bloggers, but it was great to be able to send someone so we had some representation there.



Actually, I mean’t to write this post much sooner. I found though, that’s it a lot harder than I thought to write a post about an award we’ve (second) won, beyond saying “hey, we came second”. Regardless, I wanted to write something as it’s pretty exciting, even if it makes for a short post.





After a long day at work I came home totally surprised to see a message from our friend that we had came second! I’m not sure how, but we’re now up there in the top ten of Australian influencers as voted by Cosmopolitan magazine, Buzzfeed, Business Insider and other massive media companies. To say we’re proud is an understatement!



After hearing the cool news, I naturally took to the internet to see who we were surrounded by in the top ten, to see if it was anyone we knew. To my surprise we were the only (strictly) travel blog in the Top 10 (and I think the top 20 as well) and shared our Top 10 label with a bunch of gorgeous fashion bloggers, youtubers and a mummy blogger or two thrown in.



I’m not sure how we managed to come second – I was just excited to be in the Top 100, but YAY.

This makes us super happy to think that we’ve been recognized for either our photo skills or our motive to improve the travel photography of others.



The winner was a group of YouTubers called “How Ridiculous” who beyond their videos, donate money to a children’s charity and hold some Guinness world records.



Here are the top 10 from the competition.



1. How Ridiculous – Youtubers who do epic tricks.

2. They Get Around – You know us.

3. Not So Mumsy – Stylish mummy blogger.

4. Miss Gunner – A Sydney fashion blogger with great hair.

5. Chloe Ting – A beautiful fitness and lifestyle vlogger with amazing editing skills.

6. Li-Chi Pan – Lovely lifestyle blogger with half a million Instagram followers. I love her pastel hue theme in her photos.

7. The TrendSpotter – A trend / style blog.

8. Diary of Jake – A lifestyle YouTuber that kind of looks like Zac Efron.

9. Melbourne Girl – A girl’s lifestyle guide to Melbourne.

10. Angry Dad – An angry dad.


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