They Get Around | The Best Travel Photography Of 2016
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Feb 14 2017

The Best Travel Photography Of 2016 | Travel Photography Blog

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The Best Travel Photography Of 2016 | Travel Photography Blog 



Being that we all love travel photography, we thought what better way to celebrate that than to round up the best travel photography that was taken during 2016. While initially we were planning to pick from our travel photos as a normal yearly round up, but instead we decided to ask others to share their favourite photographs as well.

Out of 250 travel photographs from a range of travel bloggers, we’ve picked our 9 favorites to start the beginning of a new annual tradition on They Get Around. For the tenth spot we’ve added a gallery of our travel photographs at the end of this post.




| The Best Travel Photography Of 2016 |

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This creative shot from the Swedish Nomad: Website, Instagram


We love the way Alex has framed this shot of Hallstatt during the sunset (or sunrise). While there are a ton of tips that can be taught to improve your travel photography, creativity is something you have to learn for yourself. Alex has quite a few creative shots on his Instagram of many different places.


"best travel photography"




This stunning image of Karakol Lake from Nomadasaurus: Website, Instagram


Not only is this photo visually stunning, it also stood out for us as it’s in China (which is where we currently live). We are often impressed with the amount of beautiful natural attractions here that we’ve never heard of, especially in a country where pollution reaches ridiculous levels.



We love how naturally processed this image of Karakol Lake is, showing off the right amount of technical skill and a beautiful subject.


"best travel photography"



This roaming horses shot from Fan Girl Quest: Website, Instagram


Tiia’s shot of roaming horses was a photo after my own heart. While Steven loves photographing landscapes and cityscapes, I rarely bring out my camera with too much enthusiasm unless there’s an animal around. I feel like Tiia’s captured this shot beautifully and I fully intend to track down this area when we visit Iceland.


"best travel photography"



This whimsical image of the Czech Republic from Michael of Just A Pack: Website, Instagram


Michael’s shot of Pilgrimage Church of Saint John in Zdar captures beautiful the windy day and forces you into the photo, standing there with him.


best travel photography czech republic



This fairy tale shot of a castle in Transylvania by My Travel Affairs: Website, Instagram


Marysia’s images have a slight HDR feel to it and we think it works really well for her images. The accentuation of the castle creates a fairy tale vibe that helps her images tell a story.



Doesn’t the image just pop out at you?


"best travel photography castle"



This great shot from Lili’s Travel Plans of beautiful Vernazza: Website, Instagram


While we may not have entirely fond memories of our time in the Cinque Terre, Lili’s shot has got us open to giving the area a second try. This stunning shot taken from a lesser known angle paints the small town of Vernazza in a tantalizing light.

"best travel photography 2016"

This captivating Ice shot from World in a Weekend: Website, Instagram

The World in a Weekend couple have been to many beautiful places, such as Iceland and have taken some stunning photographs. We chose this shot of icebergs on the Black Beach in JökulsĂĄrlĂłn because not only is it a good image, it also has a subject we’ve never personally seen.

I don’t know what it’s like growing up in a colder country, but there were definitely no icebergs floating off the beaches of Australia.

"best travel photography 2016"

This epic aerial shot from Live Travel Teach: Website, Instagram


This image from Mike is taken on his hike to the look out over the village of Cemoro Lawang in Indonesia. While the shot would have looked impressive without the clouds, having them in their take it from a wow shot to an epic one.



This simple, yet stunning shot from Emanuele del Bufalo: Website, Instagram


We think Emanuele’s shot of this Burmese fisherman is stunning in all it’s understated glory. The sun setting (or rising) in the background brings a touch of colour to the image and helps to illuminate the fisherman.





And here’s some personal favorites of ours: check out our travel Instagram to see more.


We hoped you liked our pick for the best ten travel photography of 2016. Which one’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments!



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