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Mar 22 2017

Photo of The Week #70

Switzerland was a country which really surprised me. When I first arrived I was taken back a little from the price, but that’s to be expected, I had just lived a year in a smaller town in China. In my short time in the country, I began to appreciate how Switzerland combines classic architecture and great landscapes.  I suppose it’s only natural for a photographer to enjoy a country when presented with those ingredients.

The cityscapes of Switzerland are very different from a traditional big city. There weren’t any tall reaching skyscrapers like in Hong Kong or Shanghai, which fill the nights sky with neon lights. Switzerland brought something different to the table. Zurich wasn’t overriding the senses with noise and blinking lights, instead there was a touch of class and sophistication. Minus the distractions and the light pollution, and it’s place stood old styled buildings all neatly constructed with maze like alleys running through out the old section of the city.


The Photo


I feel as though the photo captures my thoughts on Zurich, and Switzerland as a whole. Even in Shanghai at 5 am the streets are starting to bustle. There’s always something happening, some sort of noise. But instead in Zurich it was quiet. It was a time to gather your thoughts and wander the city without distraction. There’s a lot of beauty in Switzerland, not only just in the city of Zurich, but in all of Switzerland. This photo happens to only capture a small portion of that beauty.


While Zurich is a fabulous city, I had a little trouble finding a spot which I thought captures the feeling on the town. I happened to come across this bridge and used railing to draw the eye towards the payoff which is the beautiful and quiet city. After living in China, you really do appreciate how some peace and quiet can be a good thing, ha.


Taken by: Steve

Camera: Nikon D610

Lens: Nikkor 24-85 mm f/3.5-4.5

Focal Length: 24 mm

F/Stop: 5

Shutter Speed: 20 seconds

ISO: 100



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