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Mar 15 2017

Photo Of The Week #69

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Photo of The Week (POTW). We’ve decided to space out more of the photos just a little more. With that housekeeping out of the way, this was one of my favourite photos which we took on our trip to Europe.
One thing I quite like doing, and I’d imagine many other photographers do as well, is having ‘ you’ time. There are several mediums I enjoy that with, but I find photography more so provides myself with an opportunity to be alone with my thoughts. For myself, I find that feeling quite relaxing and comforting.


Getting up early and exploring a new city, is not only exciting as you get the chance to take photos with practically nobody in the way, but it’s a really good time for retrospective thought. During the day this section of Florence is quite busy with tours and hordes of people quickly moving from one spot to the other. But early in the morning it takes on a different quality. It’s quiet, there’s time to think, time to appreciate. That’s what I like.


The Photo

The sunrises for our time in Italy were a little underwhelming. Granted we were only there for a very short time, only one week in late September, so it could have simply been the time of the year. However, I did find the sunsets to be gradual burns which intensified quite strongly.
With that said the morning this photo was taken the sky changed colour quite drastically and very quickly in a short space of time. It only stayed at this pink and purplish colour for 5 -10 minutes before returning back to a normal.
I took several photos of the scene before trying to quickly move onto another spot before I lost too much of the morning sunrise. Since I wanted to move spots as quickly as possible, and there weren’t any people to blur out, I opted for a shutter speed of only 1 to 2 seconds, just enough to provide exposure for the scene without needing to boost my ISO to crazy levels.
"Uffizi", "Uffizi florence", "florence italy", "sunsrise italy", "Sunset italy", "sunset florence" "sunrise florence", "sunset Uffizi", "sunrise Uffizi, "art gallery italy"

Taken by: Steve

Camera: Nikon D610

Lens: Nikkor 24-85 mm f/3.5-4.5

Focal Length: 35 mm

F/Stop: 5.6

Shutter Speed: 2 seconds

ISO: 100



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