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Jan 18 2017

Photo of The Week #66

For one of the first times ever, just recently Lexi and I decided to take a small trip without each other. It isn’t much, but I travelled to and stayed the night in Shanghai for 2 nights. While it was only for 2 nights, it did feel weird travelling and exploring a city without Lexi.

We have been apart before, with the longest time frame we’d been apart being several months when Lexi was studying in Mexico and I was staying in Australia. That was difficult. While this wasn’t anything near the same level, it did bring back unpleasant memories from that time.
As strange as it sounds, by spending a little time apart I feel as though it reaffirms your feelings towards somebody, whether positive or negative. In this case I feel as though it was a positive experience since after the 2 days I missed Lexi, and surprisingly I wanted to spend time with her, haha.
Anyways, this is one of the photos I happened to take during my time in Shanghai.


The Photo 


I’ve only owned my ultra wide Tamron 15-30 mm for around 2 months now, however I still haven’t had to much of an opportunity to use it. I was able to use it a little in Japan, however on that trip I was moving around from one location to another that I really didn’t have much of a chance to use it.

I loved this street as it really gave the 15-30 mm a chance to shine. The street wasn’t too busy which meant that there wasn’t too many people walking around and getting in the way of the photo. At the moment I’m really loving using this lens in low light conditions as I think it picks up colour and detail quite well.



Taken by: Steven

Camera: Nikon D610

Lens: Tamron 70 -200 mm f/2.8 SP DI VC USD

Focal Length: 70 mm

F/Stop: 8

Shutter Speed: 1/1600 seconds

ISO: 100



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