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Mar 11 2015

Swim With Turtles In Akumal

When I first heard that you could swim with turtles in Akumal independently I thought it sounded amazing, but due to my fear of swimming out into the ocean by myself I discounted it completely.

Four months later when Steven joined me in Playa Del Carmen for a mini getaway I brought up the idea to swim with turtles in Akumal so we set off one morning on a collectivo to the small resort town.

Mar 11 2015

Holiday Destinations Perfect For Teenagers

You may have finally convinced your parents to spend their next vacation somewhere other than the house they spend every other day of the year in but they’re not quite sure where to take you. That’s why I’ve comprised this list full of excellent, non threatening (because old people get scared sometimes) holiday destinations for teenagers which not only keep your family happy, but also yourself.

Mar 04 2015

Caving in Waitomo

Getting wet after venturing into a dark hole, this all sounds like a line from a ‘that’s what she said’ joke, but that’s one of the highlights of things to do in Waitomo – going caving!

Along with caving in Waitomo you get to blackwater raft, abseil and rock climb, and most of all see glow worms in one of the few places that they appear in the world.

Mar 01 2015

Steve’s Top 5 For Learning a New Language

When I first arrived in Mexico all I could say was ‘hello’ and ‘bye’ in Spanish.

I’ve spent almost 2 months here in Mexico, with my Spanish gradually improving. I’m nowhere near the stage where I can have an in-depth conversation with somebody, but it’s enough for me to order food, and do that ever so important thing of eating. So I suppose it’s a small moral victory, go me!