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May 25 2015

10 Unique Hotels Around The World

I don’t know about you but when searching for a hotel the only things we check for are a double bed and free wifi, so far a hotel has always been a place to lay our heads at nights, not an attraction in itself.

However we’ve recently learnt there are numerous hotels around the world that would be worth the trip alone.

Apr 30 2015

Mexico To Guatemala By Bus | Border Crossing Tips

Tips for crossing the border into Guatemala, or any Central American/South American county.

It may look stressful and chaotic when you arrive, but there really isn’t too much to worry about.  In short all you need to do is pay an exit fee, become cleared in the Mexican system as leaving,  become admitted in Guatemala and cross the border. Easy!

Apr 20 2015

How To Pick The Best Seat On The Plane

The best seat on a plane is often debatable since different people prefer many different things. Some think the best seat on a plane is the one with ample leg room, while others want to sit close to exits in order to enter and exit first. Then there are those who don’t care where their seat is (or its dimensions), as long as they get a row to themselves to spread out on long haul flights (guilty).

Apr 19 2015

Best backpacker bars in Brisbane

In my opinion there are really only two awesome backpacker bars in Brisbane: The Victory Hotel, and the Down Under Bar. Sure your could go to Birdees but I can guarantee your feet will get stuck to the floor, and that’s just not the part of your body you want to get sticky on a night out, as great as the place is. Actually screw that – go to Birdees (otherwise known as Birdee Num Nums), just leave once you begin to stick to the floor, the place really is one of the best backpacker bars in Brisbane.