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Aug 06 2015

What Would Liam Neeson Wear (WWLNW) in Brisbane (Guys)

Cover photo by: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic
So you’ve done it, for some reason or another you have decided to visit Brisbane.

I’m going to assume that you have been coerced into travelling to Brisbane, possibly because your family has been captured and are being used as some sort of leverage to bring you into the city.

As we like to include all markets and demographics here I’ll write this packing list for the 2 most likely types of persons to visit Brisbane; the normal everyday tourist (very rare), and the Liam Neeson archetype who is on a war path to reclaim their family from the clutches of evil.

So let’s begin.

Aug 03 2015

10 Amazing Photos That Will Put Australia On Your Bucket List

Australia, the land of kangaroos and vegemite evidently has more to the country than, well, kangaroos and vegemite. Australia is a large island with diverse ecosystems and landscapes scattered across the country; you’ll find snow, desert, beaches and rain-forests without having to leave the island.

However Australia has often been compared to the entirety of Europe in size so you’ll have to plan your adventures here wisely. Transport wise it is very easy to explore the country’s east coast and bigger areas in New South Wales and Victoria. Western Australia is a whole different ball game though with great distances between some towns and less public transport.

Jul 30 2015

See Bogota From Above (And Then Celebrate By Sitting On A Llama)

I have to admit that as much as I began to love Bogota, the city did not seem to like me. For our entire stay in the city I was plagued by light altitude sickness.  While Steven wandered the streets with a skip in his step I struggled to walk as the world swirled around me with each stride. Steven spent his first two days exploring and taking photographs while I stayed in our studio room escaping only to buy enormous slices of pizza at random intervals.

Jul 29 2015

Our Photographic Threesome: The 3 Cameras We Travel With

Meet our holy trinity of cameras; the Nikon D5100, GoPro Hero+ Black, and iPhone 4S.

Much like the Charmed Ones and the power of 3, separately they may be limited by their weaknesses, but together they can tackle any photographic demons. Dark light, bright light, landscapes, ambiguous stimuli, and fast moving cats, we have you matched with our plethora of charmed inspired equipment!

Jul 21 2015

7 Paradise Beaches in Cheap Locations

While the Maldives may be the pinnacle of beach destinations its also a place not many of us can afford to fly to, let alone holiday in. The good news is however that there are many picture perfect beaches in much more affordable destinations sprinkled around the world.

Most of the countries featured on this list can be visited for about $30-60 a day and depending on which country you live in, flights can be had from as little as $400+ return. 


Jul 20 2015

The Day Before Your Gap Year (In Gifs)

Are you currently saving up for your gap year and not sure what to expect the day before you leave?

While you’ll find many a guide to telling you what to expect once you’ve left you probably have thought much about what will happen the day before you leave. The day prior is often filled with a wide range of emotions and last minute moments.

Jun 15 2015

15 Things To Pack In Your Carry On Bag

It doesn’t matter if you are travelling solely with a carry on bag or combined with a larger backpack, there are certain things that are helpful to pack in your hand luggage. Sometimes it is more convenient to have certain items within your personal reach, not to mention keeping your belongings close means they are less likely to be stolen.