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Nov 13 2015

5 Romantic Holiday Locations For Couples – Disclaimer, Private Time Will Occur

Fed up with your partner?

Forgetting the reasons you got together (no need to worry Lexi if you’re reading this, ha)?

Perhaps it could be just the reason to start looking into a romantic travel location to renew those once fiery flames! Or… a break up, ha. But I’ll air on the side of caution and say there was a reason the two of you got together in the first place, besides from drinking enough vodka to render a horse brain damaged.

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Nov 10 2015

Photo of the Week #6

This shot is a flashback to my solo backpacking trip before my exchange in Mexico. I had met a lovely Austrian girl almost instantly on arrival in Caye Caulker and we spent our time exploring the island together. I took this shot of her on one of the many jettys around the island as she walked out to get a closer view of the shipwreck.

Nov 09 2015

Due Date For Our 1st Book: A Personal Look Into Our Lives

Sorry, the launch has been pushed back to later in the year. We’ve been a bit too busy of late 🙁

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always loved to write. During the summer holidays in New Zealand and early on in Australia my mother would fly me down to my Aunt’s place in the North Island and there she would teach me to write stories, draw and play the piano.

Nov 05 2015

iFly Indoor Skydiving Sydney

Lexi and I were in Sydney for a few days last fortnight, so we figured we wanted to make the most of the chance of being able to engage in some activities in an English speaking country before having to perform a syncopated act of miming and gestures to simply order food, let alone order tickets for an activity.

"sydney australia", "infrared photography", "australia infrared"
Oct 27 2015

Photo of the Week #4

Last week I finally convinced Steven that I needed an infrared camera and I was able to test it out on our last day in Sydney.

I found out about infrared photography a couple of weeks ago and found it fascinating, if not a little daunting. Unfortunately I’m really struggling with the editing side of the image beyond the basic channel swapping which is a necessity with infrared, hopefully that will get better with time though.