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Dec 11 2015

They Get Around Reader Survey

As we come up to the new year I’ve decided to ask you all what you would like to see more of (and less of) to make They Get Around a more interesting blog. I won’t lie and say that its easy knowing what type of things to write about, nor will I claim to know much about any of you apart from the fact that most of you are American.

Dec 10 2015

5 Things (Not) To Do Next Time You’re At An Airport

Sitting and waiting, doesn’t sound like much fun, and waiting at an airport or a doctor’s surgery is always worse for some reason. But surprisingly there are some fun cures for that ailment of boredom at an airport!

The next time you’re sitting at an airport and your open minded enough to the possibility of wasting time by meeting new people in a cell, then I highly recommend for you to give these 5 things to do next time you’re at an airport a go!

Dec 08 2015

Photo of The Week #10

This is our first proper photo of China. We’ve been here for around a month, but to be honest we simply haven’t had too much of an opportunity take any photos. We’ve either been too tired from work, needing to organize things for the apartment, meeting with friends, and as silly as it sounds it’s just been too cold for us.

Dec 01 2015

Photo of the Week #9

Lately I’ve been missing home a little so I thought I’d be nostalgic and have this week’s photo from the Roma Street Gardens in our home town Brisbane. This was such a relaxing day when we laid back in the sun, walked through the gardens and wandered around the center of Brisbane.

Days like those always remind me how lucky I am to be with Steven, the best type of partner is the one you can spend hours lazing in the sun  laughing after a day of exploring.

Nov 25 2015

Tips on How to Make the Most of a Long Layover at London’s Heathrow Airport

Being on a long layover has to be one of the most excruciating things a traveler has to contend with. But if you’re in London, this problem doesn’t pose as much trouble as one might expect. Considering that the city has the likes of Heathrow Airport, airline passengers often see this inevitable episode in travelling as a time to truly appreciate a more interesting, renown airport such as this.

"active things to do in australia"
Nov 25 2015

Photo of The Week #8

When we travelled to Sydney we wanted to be able to get one decent photo of the harbour which was a tiny bit different from the ordinary stock standard harbour photo. I like the idea of incorporating the rocks into the shot as it gives the photo a little bit more character, plus they work well as an anchor to smooth out the water.

Nov 19 2015

Where to Travel in 2016

With a new year comes new beginnings, and what better way to experience a fresh start, or even a fresh outlook on life then to travel the world! But first you have to know where to travel in 2016, as there are so many amazing destinations out there.

"Chichen Itza ruins", "chichen itza mexico", "chichen itza cancun"
Nov 17 2015

Photo of the Week #7

This photo was taken in Mexico as part of our Latin American backpacking trip while at Chichen Itza. To be honest, while the ruins were interesting there weren’t too many interesting photo opportunities. I think this pictures shows the ruins from an interesting angle, its not just your classic shot of one of the pyramids.