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Dec 31 2015

How to Take Better Photos | 10 Simple Photography Tips

When you first buy your camera it can be an exciting and nervous time. Exciting due to you finally being able to capture the images that you have envisioned, but nervous in the sense that it is the beginning of a long journey of constantly improving and getting to know your camera.


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Dec 29 2015

Photo of The Week #13

Sydney is an amazing city. One of the things that really surprised me is how truly beautiful it is around the harbour area, and how easily accessible it is. There are any array of vantage points to view the bridge, with this photo being taken from Milson’s Point.  I quite like the blue chill on offer from the city in this photo, it gives off a futuristic vibe. You can definitely see why they chose to film The Matrix here.

Dec 23 2015

Packing List for Two Weeks in Egypt

Egypt is an ancient and vibrant country, and more versatile than you would think – from the expansive desert that dominates most of the country, the humid waters of the Nile, to the tropical Red Sea Resorts.

This packing list is geared towards women who plan to hit the most popular destinations in Egypt – the sights of Cairo and the Giza Pyramids, cruising down the Nile River from Luxor to Aswan, and the various open air / indoor museums that dot the country.

Dec 21 2015

7 Star Wars Locations You Can Visit

7 Star Wars Locations You Can Visit: Star Wars is arguably the biggest and greatest sci-fi movie franchise of all time. It has forever shaped pop culture, especially with the line of, “Luke, I’m your father”. This magical series has a special spot reserved in most people’s hearts, as it’s a series a lot of people have grown up to, and fallen in love with the charm and charisma of certain characters.

Dec 18 2015

Female Packing List for a Weekend at the Gold Coast

Queensland’s Gold Coast has everything; beautiful beaches, good shopping and an bouncing nightlife, and if you live within the region it’s a great escape for the weekend to enjoy the sun and relax by the beach.  The Gold Coast has always been a popular vacation spot for young people from Brisbane (and other surrounding cities) to escape to given its close proximity. The area is renown for its city-meets-the-sea good looks, fresh water and prime sun tanning spots.

Dec 16 2015

10 Sunrises You’ll Want To Wake Up For

While most of us are tucked comfortably in bed outside one of natures finest tricks is being watched by a select few. Sunrises have always been a struggle to catch for me, the thought of waking up before the light comes out is not something I often try to do. But if I could catch a sunrise like any of these, I’d be setting my alarm early.

Here are ten amazingly beautiful sunset worth waking up for.

Dec 15 2015

Photo of The Week #11

There aren’t too many bright sunsets around in China at the moment, with the increased pollution from coal burning due to it being winter have sort of dampened the sun’s effects. So when a bright sunset does happen to pop up, it’s a bit of a luxury. I just happened to be at this park at the right time. Hopefully there’s a few more of these during the winter.