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Jan 28 2016

10 Active Things to Do in Australia on Your Next Holiday

Australia is one of those places with more things to do than you could ever fit into one holiday no matter where your interests lie. With serene beaches lining the coasts of the island calling to beach lovers, powdery slopes in New South Wales for the snow bunnies and the harsh inner center attracting adventurers, you’ll never get bored in such a diverse country.

Jan 26 2016

Photo of the Week #17

2 days prior to taking this photo I hadn’t seen snow before. I was, and still am excited about the idea of snow. It seems so foreign and surreal, seeing all your regular locations blanketed in a veil of white. I can understand that growing up in a location where it snowed during the winter would have be amazing.

Jan 24 2016

How to Prove Onward Travel with a One-way Ticket.

Want to know how to prove onward travel with a one-way ticket? Part of the appeal of travelling is the idea of simply jumping on a plane with a one-way ticket and making your own way from one country to the next. And there is a thrill to travelling when you don’t have an exact itinerary planned out as there is no pressure to make deadlines, and much like life, travel plans can always change.

Jan 21 2016

The 10 Most Haunted Places To Visit

Think you’re tough and don’t believe that the 10 most haunted places to visit will scare you? That’s great than! If that’s the case, than chances are you’re not of ghosts, or things that go bump in the night? If your a big strong man (or women) than demonstrate your courage by spending a night in one these locations which are considered some of the most haunted and eeriest locations in the world.

Jan 19 2016

Photo of The Week #16

This photo was taken on Isla de Ometepe an island in Nicaragua where there are two active volcanoes. The volcano in the centre of the picture is the biggest of the two, Volcán Concepción.  When this photo was taken I was probably making my way down from climbing to the top with a few people we had met on the way to Isla de Ometepe. While I was aching, sore, thirsty and tired, Lexi was enjoying her day lounging around the hotel with this magnificent sunset.

Jan 17 2016

What if a Celebrity was your Travel Buddy?

What better way to travel and see the sights of the world than with somebody who can purchase anything they want, including the islands in the Pacific that you’ll be visiting with them. Who wouldn’t like to have a famous person as a friend? We always get so giddy whenever we simply see somebody famous, and that giddiness only increases if you manage to get their autograph, let alone talk to them. Just imagine the bragging rights you’d get if they were your friends.

Jan 14 2016

10 Most Popular Posts of 2015

2015 it was nice to know you.

Over the 10 months that our blog was online we have written 84 articles, some of which have been wildly successful and shared often, others not so much. Here are our top 10 blog posts of 2015..

Jan 12 2016

Photo of The Week #15

I’m not a big fan of black and white (B&W) images, they do have their place in photography don’t get me wrong. But I’m always one for colour. But this image I felt worked better in B&W, with the graininess on the rock sort of jumping out a bit more. This was taken in Mexico of some ruins. Sorry but I can’t quite remember the name location, or where exactly in Mexico.

Jan 10 2016

How Big is Australia Really? Comparing Australia’s Size to Other Countries

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How big is Australia? Is Australia as big as a bulging Red Kangaroo or as small as a tiny Koala? Truth be told, Australia is quite large, in fact it’s the 6th largest country in the world. However since Australia is so quietly tucked away and removed from Europe, the United States and the UK, it sort of get’s overlooked in terms of sheer size.