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Mar 10 2016

Where is Game of Thrones Filmed?

Where is Game of Thrones filmed? Game of Thrones has slowly worked its way into societies TV viewing consciousness to the point that you’re more of an outsider if you don’t watch it. While Game of Thrones may feature around dragons, white walkers, betrayal, Jaime Lannister’s hair, and ultimately who will claim the Iron Throne, there is a silent party in the mix that adds to the intrigue of this great show.

Feb 29 2016

Places Which Are Similar To Europe

What is the appeal of Europe that people are willing to try and find places which are similar to Europe outside of Europe? Is it the ability to travel to multiple countries in a short period of time? The partying, drinking, food , or the opportunity to make friends? Could it be the landscapes and architecture? While nothing will be able to replicate Europe’s charm, there are some places around the world which share elements which are similar to Europe.

Feb 27 2016

Is Central America Dangerous?

Please note this article is strictly from a human perspective in terms of danger, and is not in relation to Zika 


When travelling to a new and uncertain region one of the main things that is sure to pop into the mind of travellers is whether the destination is dangerous? It would be silly not to, what fun would it be going on holiday if you were constantly concerned about your safety, as opposed to being care free and letting your hair down on a picturesque beach. Doesn’t sound like much of a holiday to me.