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They Get Around is a scenic travel and photography blog which aims to help you improve your travel photography is scenic destinations around the world.
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We’re Lexi & Steve, a photography and videography obsessed couple who is currently living and traveling in Asia.


Long gone are the days where you return home from a trip with memories alone, unable to explain to your friends everything you saw.

On our blog we help travelers improve their travel memories through upgrading their photography skills to better capture what they saw.



They say a picture speaks 1000 words, and if that’s true, than a great picture can say so much more.


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    About Us

    Lexi and Steve are a young Australian couple with a passion for travel photography and scenic travel. We’ve been following each other around the world for years visiting some amazing places. But this site isn’t just about us, we’re going to help you improve your travel photography and show you some amazing places to pencil into your next yearly vacation – so get ready to start ticking off your bucket list.