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Sep 19 2017

My United States Bucketlist: Lakes, Islands and More

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As an Australian I don’t know too much about the United States beyond what I’ve seen on television. I made a quick stopover in Los Angeles in 2013, however and was intrigued by the city. While a proper trip to the US is a little while off, I have started forming a bucket list in my mind.



Steven shared his United States photography bucket list earlier, so now it’s my turn. Of course, being a girl who chases beautiful natural scenery, there’s bound to be a few helicopter rides, national parks and pretty lakes on my wishlist. Let me know if you have any suggestions to add to my list in the comments below.




Honopu Beach & Valley

Earlier this year I visited the ‘Hawaii of South Korea’, which got me wondering on how the real Hawaii would measure up. A quick trip to Google images confirmed that Hawaii is filled with natural beauty and hence has been added to the top of my bucket list.



Honopu beach is particularly stunning, nothing draws me in like an isolated beach. Also, I’d love to do a helicopter flight over one of the islands.



Glacier National Park, Montana

Hidden Lake, Glacier National Park

I must admit, I’ve never heard of the city of Montana before finding out it happened to be the gateway to the Glacier National Park. Give me a lake, mountains and stunning sky (especially after living in smoggy China for two years) and I will have everything I need.



New York City

New York city

Despite mostly seeking out natural attractions while traveling, I have a soft spots for iconic cities. Shanghai, Melbourne and New York all seem to have something special about them despite being concrete jungles. I’ve seen so much of New York City on television and movies that I wouldn’t dream of missing it on a visit to the United States.



Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

Mt Herard, Great Sand Dunes National Park

Sand dunes have been on my mind recently, there’s something so magical about seeing them at sunset. Located in the San Luis Valley, the Great Sand Dunes National Park looks like a great spot to take photos. Surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery, these dunes are said to be the highest dunes in the United States.



Wildflower Blooms – Anywhere

Wild Bloom

I remember around cherry blossom season here in China there seemed to be a lot of photos on Instagram showing the US’s own blooming season. I’ve heard some of the best places to see them in season are either in Texas or California.



I’d love to visit one of these flower fields while they were blooming to take photographs and wander through the fields.



Monument Valley

Monument Valley

The rock formations in Monument Valley look intriguing and I’d love to visit them one day, especially at sunset. Monument Valley is located along the border of Utah and Arizona and has to be one of the coolest national parks I’ve come across in the US. It looks like you either need to join a guided tour or drive yourself to visit this place, so I might hold off visiting until I have an international drivers license.



Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley View


Yosemite Valley looks gorgeous, blue skies, pretty lakes and all round stunning mountain scenery – best viewed at a point called Tunnel View. It’s home to one of the prettiest waterfalls in the US so it definitely warrants a visit. Apparently the waterfalls in the valley are best visited in Spring as they aren’t as full during other parts of the year.



Visit Redwood National Park

From the Redwood Creek Overlook, Redwood National Park

These trees can reach enormous heights, and can outgrow certain famous statues -the Statue of Liberty for example. While there’s something magical about wandering and photographing tall trees, I think it would be an especially spectacular thing to do in Autumn. Not only would you have ancient, tall trees but a smattering of fall colors with mountains in the background.





That’s just a quick bucket list, so I’d love to hear any suggestions you have to add to it. Have you visited any of these places? Do you have any suggestions to add?



Cover photo: Pedro Szekely


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