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Sep 30 2018

I have a new blog!

Just a quick post to let you know that after half a year of not posting here, I have started a new blog this month. You can find me over at A Scenic Find, where I’m writing about scenic travel still, but with a less lame name :P.

I’ll be gradually moving over content (the new blog is a little bare) as well as adding new posts from the ridiculous amount of traveling I’ve done this year. Oh, and the theme is terrible – so bear with me on that one while I try to organise a better design.



Social Media Updates

A sweaty mess in Sri Lanka


@imlexiforrest is moving to the new blog with me, but the main Instagram has changed it’s name to @ascenicfind.



The Youtube channel is still the same – Lexi Forrest Travel Vlogs – but new videos wont be out until January as I’m focusing on starting my very first proper business at the moment. In the mean time it only took me like two years to edit my Europe vlogs (ha) so you’re welcome to check them out.



What Have I Been Doing?

Expat life in Malaysia


Honestly, traveling is not conductive to being a travel blogger, which is why I haven’t written. But that’s okay, I’ve settled into a new home base, and decided since there’s been such a large gap, I can start over with a name that doesn’t make me cringe.



A Few Things I did This Year?

I spent a lot of time in Asia, traveling around and meeting new people.

I took my little sister on a trip and visited my family.

I went on a ridiculous amount of elephant safaris.

I free-dived with reef sharks, and scuba dived with threshers (big, long tailed shark).


I dove inside shipwrecks, posed with penis looking sardine swarms, and swam under whale sharks.

I caught up with old friends.

I got robbed by a gang of 4 year olds. 

I found a rad apartment in KL.

I actually made friends. Me. The shyest person in the universe.


I got super tan. And then lost it all again.

I over-used the phrase “I’m so excited”.

I made some epic Guacamole. 


I Have A Newsletter

Please stick this photo on my gravestone #outherelivingmybestlife


If you want to sign up for my newsletter to receive updates from me (something between once a week and once a month – more likely the later), join below :D.





Thanks for your continued support x

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