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Feb 11 2016

This Is Our Life: Month 3 in China

I can’t believe we’ve already been in China for three months now, the time has flown by so fast. In fact, so much time has gone by that we’re no longer the newest teachers at our school. A new guy showed up last week with two or three more teachers set to arrive over the next month or so.

This Is Our Life: Month 2 In China

I can’t believe its already been two months since we moved to China, time is flying by so fast. I still feel like we’ve only been here for two weeks!

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Since the last update I’m un-pleased, but un-surprised to announce that its still freezing cold over here. Seriously China, what’s up with that? Our bodies are no longer sun kissed and we’re slowly starting to resemble the pale state I can only imagine we were as babies. I’m really trying to embrace my paler side but between this and the lack of blue skies, the whole winter is something I’m just looking forward to being over.