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Feb 22 2016

Is it Better To Travel With Carry On Or Checked Bags?

When you’re planning a trip overseas you will constantly hear others telling you to pack light by travelling with a carry on bag. This advice is especially important if you are going on a backpacking trip or moving around a lot. You may have even been sold on this advice, but when it comes time to pack you begin to wonder whether it’s worth culling half your clothes just to save a bit of money and weight.

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Jan 24 2016

How to Prove Onward Travel with a One-way Ticket.

Want to know how to prove onward travel with a one-way ticket? Part of the appeal of travelling is the idea of simply jumping on a plane with a one-way ticket and making your own way from one country to the next. And there is a thrill to travelling when you don’t have an exact itinerary planned out as there is no pressure to make deadlines, and much like life, travel plans can always change.

Aug 07 2015

Making Platonic Friends on Couchsurfing as a Female

This post is to give some advice to girls who are travelling solo or are on exchange and would like to make platonic friends through couchsurfing. I focus on safety, screening and a few other tips to ensure you don’t end up meeting someone who has the entirely wrong idea about what will come of the meeting. If you use couch surfing to hook up with locals in foreign countries you may find this post useful but its primarily aimed at those looking for platonic friendships.