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Feb 29 2016

Places Which Are Similar To Europe

What is the appeal of Europe that people are willing to try and find places which are similar to Europe outside of Europe? Is it the ability to travel to multiple countries in a short period of time? The partying, drinking, food , or the opportunity to make friends? Could it be the landscapes and architecture? While nothing will be able to replicate Europe’s charm, there are some places around the world which share elements which are similar to Europe.

Feb 23 2016

Photo of The Week #21

This photo was taken in one of our favourite places in Mexico, Hierve El Agua. The sulfur in the water creates an odd colour, which allows for a great yellowish/green contrast. Interestingly you are allowed to swim in this infinity pool. With the amazing view and refreshing cool water, it all combines to create a very relaxed environment to visit.

Jan 12 2016

Photo of The Week #15

I’m not a big fan of black and white (B&W) images, they do have their place in photography don’t get me wrong. But I’m always one for colour. But this image I felt worked better in B&W, with the graininess on the rock sort of jumping out a bit more. This was taken in Mexico of some ruins. Sorry but I can’t quite remember the name location, or where exactly in Mexico.