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May 15 2017

Best Upcoming Travel Vloggers of 2017

While we’ve written one of these travel vlogger lists last year, we thought it was time to showcase the best upcoming travel vloggers in 2017. These vloggers have either started within the last year, or have under a couple of thousand subscribers – but post frequent, high quality videos.



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I think travel vlogging hasn’t really taken off the way say, beauty vlogging has, and there are still tons of opportunities for new vloggers to gain lots of subscribers, if they consistently make high quality, engaging videos. However it’s quite hard to find newer vloggers, with most lists and search engines showing the more established travel vloggers over and over again. Hopefully this travel vlogger list will help you find some new favourites.



For this list I made sure to only include vloggers that have been uploading consistently with at least one video a week, many of them post daily however. They are in no particular order.



 Lexi & Steve

Before we dive into our list of upcoming channels, of course we have to mention ours. Steve and I travel frequently while living in China and have travel vlogs from Europe, Asia, Australia and a few videos from our pre-vlog trip to Central America. Over 2017 we’ll be uploading videos from Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, South Korea, Japan and China in addition to what’s already on our channel.



Obviously, we’d love to think we’re an upcoming travel vlogger (who wouldn’t?!), so you can subscribe to our travel vlog channel by clicking here.

1. Always A Friday

I think I first found these two through a tweet they sent us on twitter. Nathan and Rebecca seem like a down to earth couple who are currently travelling South East Asia. They upload weekly videos on to their travel vlog channel of their travels and also do country reviews. They also have videos from their travels in India. Click here to see their channel.





2. Lauren Without Fear



I found Lauren when she popped up on the sidebar for our channel, and loved that she made daily videos of her time in China. She wasn’t a teacher, like we were, so she was able do more interesting videos that we would have if we filmed our daily lives here. I really liked watching her vlogs and it was cool to see another foreigner living and vlogging in China.



From my understanding she’s moved back to the US, but is still vlogging multiple times a week. She not only films her life but talks about her anxiety a bit, which I can definitely relate to. I think it’s really important to show people that your anxiety doesn’t have to hold you back. Click here to see her channel.





3. Getting Stamped

Getting Stamped is a little different to the others as they don’t really do day in the life vlogs, more polished travel shorts of the different places they’ve been. Their videos are really cool though, and they post quite frequently (although not every week) so I wanted to include them.



You can see their channel here. 





4. Lena Around


Another expat living in China, Lena is a Danish girl who makes very frequent videos (I think they’re daily) about her life in China. She also makes conversational videos about living in China, like the one I featured above. I found her through the vlogger mentioned in #2 since they’ve collaborated a couple of times.



You can see her channel here.



5. Dutch Nomad Couple


The Dutch Nomad couple are two digital nomads who are currently living and travelling in Mexico. They share videos on their daily lives, their travels and living as digital nomads. For those of you who don’t know, the term ‘digital nomad’ refers to a person who makes their money online and can work from anywhere.



Actually, I’m so jealous that they are where they are, I can’t wait to go back to Mexico one day.  It’s my favourite holdiay spot. You can see their channel here.



6. Max and Jane Vlog

Max and Jane started their vlog a couple of months ago and their now on a massive trip around the world, starting with South East Asia. They have a great energy in their vlogs and seem natural in front of the camera. They also are from my home country (New Zealand) so it’s nostaglic to hear the New Zealand accent in their videos.



You can see their channel here.



7. Mel and Jona Vlog



Mel and Jona are from the UK and make videos of their travels in New Zealand, the US and around Europe. They have a classic, well edited style to their vlogs which makes them interesting to watch. You can see their channel here.





Do you know any other upcoming travel vloggers with under 1,000 subscribers that post atleast once a week?

Let us know in the comments below.

  • Looking for a fun vlogger from Malta? Check “Fed’s World”. 🙂

    Jun 20, 2017 at 9:01 am
  • Rene Klotzer

    You want to check out this channel (YOKL). It is in the start up phase but might be on this list in the future 🙂

    Aug 22, 2017 at 9:56 pm

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