They Get Around | Best Travel Vloggers To Watch In 2016 & 2017
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Apr 11 2016

Best Travel Vloggers To Watch In 2016 & 2017

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The best travel vloggers are essentially your eyes into another world, you get to hop into their backpacks and travel the world with them via their Youtube channels. Travel vloggers, much like daily vloggers make you feel like you’re right there with them seeing the same views, laughing at the same jokes and getting to know each other in amazing destinations.

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Since we became travel vloggers we’ve noticed that there’s actually quite a few of us out there who are killing it on Youtube. Personally I love travel vlogging, the idea that you can not only film your trips to look back on in the future, but also that you can share the world with others who may not have the chance to see it first hand.


1. They Get Around

This is our travel vlog channel where we film our trips around the world. We’re currently in China so you can expect to see lots of videos from around the country. We’re also sneaking some short videos from our backpacking trip to Central and South America every now and then to mix it up like our trip to the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. You can subscribe here.

2. Kinging It

Aimee and Craig are hilarious travel vloggers and they make weekly videos on their travels. Their travel vlogs are follow me style with some cool drone shots often mixed in. They’ve traveled throughout New Zealand and South East Asia and after watching their drone videos I’ve finally convinced Steven to let me have one for my birthday. Subscribe to Aimee and Craig’s travel vlog here.


3. Hey Nadine

Nadine has been recording YouTube videos for years and used to make a lot of gaming and comedy videos. Now she’s makes mostly travel vlogs and has amassed a large amount of subscribers. Her vlogs are follow me style but still informative. You can subscribe here.

4. Fun for Louis

Louis is probably the most well known travel vlogger out there who films his travel adventures daily. His follow me travel vlogs are so well put together and he always seems to be doing something adventurous somewhere in the world. Louis has been vlogging for years so you’ll easily get lost in his archives. Subscribe to one of Youtube’s most subscribed travel vloggers here.


5. Raya Was Here

Raya is a young traveler who gets to travel to some amazing destinations. I love how down to earth she is in her videos and they often feature her boyfriend, number 4 on this list. We only recently found Raya but love her stunning thumbnails and laid back vlogs. Subscribe here.


 6. Brooke Saward (aka World of Wanderlust)

I somehow came across Brooke’s blog a couple of months after it was created but only a couple of months ago did I find that she also has a YouTube channel. Brooke’s channel has a mix of vlog styles often which feature her fun loving personality. Most of her videos are follow me type vlogs but some are more travel show themed or music based. While she doesn’t always upload videos regularly, its still a great channel due to the sheer amount of places she visits. Follow Brooke here.


7. The Vaga Brothers

The Vagabrothers are two travel vloggers who travel the world hosting their own Youtube travel show and vlog series. Their videos contain a lot of information about the places their visiting but are still entertaining. They show their viewers the culture of the places they visit and also share their best travel tips. Subscribe here.


 8. Kristen Sarah from Hopscotch the Globe

Kristen Sarah’s vlogs are energetic, informative and funny. She travels the world as a full time travel blogger with her partner and uploads travel vlogs twice a week. You can subscribe to Kristen’s travel vlogs here.


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