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Jan 01 2018

Best Places To Go In China In Summer (Photography Minded)

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Best Places To Go In China In Summer For Photography: Summer in China is a great time to visit the country. China seems to be bustling as people are enjoying life in the warmer weather after a cold winter. Restaurants are busy with people eating crayfish, fireworks are going off, but most off all, locals and tourist are enjoying some of great sites of the country. Read on and we’ll tell you a few of the best places to go in China in summer.


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The Weather In China During Summer

China is a vast country, in fact it is one of the biggest countries in the world, and for this reason the temperatures vary from region to region within the country quite a bit. Some areas in China are mountainous, others are dry desert, while in some parts it is rather humid and hot. For the most part summer in China is rather hot with temperatures ranging from 25 – 35 °C, with some areas have a dry heat, while others will be a combination of hot and humid.


In the mountainous areas the temperatures are around a mild 25 – 30°C. Since most mountainous regions encounter strong cooling winds, many people visit these areas for a refreshing change and an opportunity to escape the oppressive heat from other destinations. These areas can include Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Shangri-la, Jiuzhaigou, and Huanglong.


Generally speaking if you’re visiting an area around one of the ‘Three Furnaces of China’ – Chongqing, Wuhan, and Nanjing, temperatures will be very hot and quite humid. Temperatures in any of the Three Furnaces of China can easily reach 35°C with the strong sun and humid conditions being quite sapping a persons energy. When planning any trip, it’s always best to check the monthly average temperature, along with the weather leading up to the trip so that you can plan and pack accordingly.


| Best Places To Go In China In Summer |




The rolling karst mountains of Guilin is not just one of the best places to go in China in summer, but it’s generally amazing all year round. You simply can’t go wrong with choosing to visit the amazing landscapes of Guilin. Though having said that, if you can brave the heat, visiting Guilin in summer is when Guilin is arguably at its best.


During summer the trees are in full health with the mountains and tree lines looking lush and full of energy. If photography is the key point of Visiting this picturesque part of China during summer for photo



Zhangjiajie, Hunan

Nicknamed ‘The Avatar Mountains’ as the mountain range was used as a strong influence for the famous scenery in the movie Avatar. The Zhangjiajie Mountains are simply incredible, they give you the feeling as though you’ve been transported to another world. One of the things which gets overlooked when people come to China are it’s natural attractions, as many tourists simply visit the main sites in Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an.

Zhangjiajie is a must see for any landscape photographer, or simply any admirer of the true beauty which is one offer in the world. Zhangjiajie will take your breath away almost as much as when your trying to pronounce the name of this attraction. Great to see all year round, though visiting in summer will provide you with some epic sunsets.


Situated in the Sichuan province, it’s very possible to see both Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou on the same trip. Huanglong is famous for it’s turquoise blue water which look as though they’ve been hand crafted. Huanglong National Park is full of travertines – calcium carbonate based structures which are layered and look plateaued. Each segment of the plateau, or travertine, is naturally hollowed out through natural processes and full of a crystal clear blue water.

Outside of China not many people know of Huanglong, however within China, while it isn’t the biggest, it is still well known. This means that Huanglong isn’t crawling with Western tourist, so in that respect it feels as though you’ve found a little diamond in the rough. The only thing is that you’ll need to share this little diamond in the rough with the Chinese tourist.


While visiting Huanglong is great all year round. The reason why we suggest it as one of the best places to go in China during summer is due to temperature. In summer visiting Huanglong can be more of a cooling experience as the weather is cooler in the mountains. However while it winter it may be a fraction too cold.



When most people visit the province of Sichuan they’re really just doing one of two things – seeing pandas, or visiting Jiuzhaigou National Park. If you’re wanting to see a panda while you’re in Sichuan, the best place to see one is one the outskirts of Chengdu at the China Conservation And Research Center For The Giant Panda (CCRCGP). If you’d like more information on how to visit this research center please click the link..

Jiuzhaigou is quite honestly one of my favourite locations I’ve visited in all of China. The landscape and scenery of this location is simply breathtaking. As an outsider being fed very limited information on China, it’s hard to imagine that China has such pristine national parks which are reminiscent of Switzerland.

If there somebody were to ask me what a must do is when in China, I would tell them to visit Jiuzhaigou and skip Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, it’s always beautiful in Jiuzhaigou. Laying at the bottom of the large clear blue lakes are many old trees which have fallen into the water, this all adds to the appeal of Jiuzhaigou with it’s natural untouched beauty. I cannot write enough positive things about this location. Truly amazing.

If you’re after further information on how to get to Jiuzhaigou from Chengdu, please click the link as we’ve written a detailed guide to help you manage this tricky journey across Chinese public transport.

| Best Places To Go In China In Summer |



The Yellow Mountains is perhaps China’s most famous mountain range. The mountain range isn’t called the Yellow Mountains due to colour, but rather due to the Yellow Emperor (Huang Di) in 747 AD. Huangshan (the Chinese name) was the site of where the Yellow Emperor lived and refined medicines.

The thing which makes Huangshan a must see location is the sweeping sea of clouds. The sea of clouds create an illusion that the rock formations of the mountain are floating in the middle of the sky. To add to the beauty try making time in your schedule to either view one of the impressive sunrises or sunsets on top of the mountain. Truly remarkable. You’ll leave thinking that Huanghan is the best spot to go in summer.

During the summer Huangshan usually sits around 21°C , while in the middle of winter it’s generally around -5°C. Depending on which one you’d prefer to brave to climb the numerous high stone steps is purely personal preference.


In the sky there is heaven, on Earth there are Hangzhou and Suzhou. While summer can be a little warm, with you can manage that than you’ll be in for a real treat. Hangzhou is an emerging world city, with it just recently having been the host of G20 and a few other events of a similar caliber. Hangzhou is simply just a cool city to go off and wander through, it just has a certain vibe that most other Chinese cities. It has a similar feel to Shanghai if you’re into that.

In my opinion there are two things which Hangzhou is famous for, and that’s the West Lake and the tea fields, with each being as good as the other. The West Lake is absolutely massive, so if you’re wanting to explore all of it, then you’ll need at least 5 hours. Though having said that, if you’re wanting to simply experience the lake itself, than an hour or two will suffice.

Beside from the West Lake, another great place to go in Hangzhou in summer is the Longjing tea fields. If you’re a bit of a tea buff, than this is a great place to check out. Additionally the tea fields may offer some unique photo opportunities.

Inner Mongolia


Riding on horseback through sweeping grasslands while above you is some of clearest and bluest skies in all of China. If you’ve ever wanted to experience that wanderlust feeling that you’re completely free with nothing to stop you, than the grasslands of Inner Mongolia is a great place to start. You’ll walk away from your trip to Inner Mongolia thinking that it’s not just one of the best places to go in China in summer, but the location stands on it’s own two feet as a magical location of it’s own.




Sanyan, Hainan


Often cited as the Hawaii of China, Sanyan is the perfect location to go in China during summer to escape the heat. Sanyan is a city on the Chinese island of Hainan which is located just off the mainland of China. Sanyan has a reputation of being the perfect getaway location for honeymooners. Sanyan has great weather in summer, cooling breezes from the ocean, clear water, along with snorkeling and scuba diving options, so it’s easy to see what the attraction is to the location.

Summer holidays are generally viewed as a time to relax on the beach and allow the worries of the world to simply melt away. What better place to forget about all the troubles of the world than on one of the best beaches in China.



Lhasa, Tibet


While Lhasa isn’t the coldest location in all of China, it can get pretty cold at around -10°C. For those who aren’t the best at braving the cold winter winds, you can always wait until things heat up a little in summer to see the spectacular, but modest sights of Lhasa. Due to this reason it makes Lhasa one of best places to go in China during summer as the temperature will be a modest a cooling 20 – 25°C, compared with the scorching and searing heat elsewhere in the country, the mountainous weather will come as a nice respite.


On top of the refreshing weather Lhasa also presents you with an opportunity to not only satisfy your hunger for beautiful landscape photography, but also replenish your mind and soul. There’s a peacefulness with isn’t like anywhere else in China in Lhasa. A fantastic option for places to see in China in summer.

Yangtze River


The longest river in all of Asia, while the Yangzte River is the third longest river in the world. The Yangtze river has long been a source of Chinese culture and history, with it influencing Chinese arts and literature. What allows peoples imagination to start running in regards to the Yangzte river, is the combination of it’s long snake like structure intertwining with the tall overarching gorges. For many this combination with the epic sunsets which can be experienced while cruising along the river are enough to create lasting memories for a last time.


If you’re wanting to experience the most out of the infamous epic sunsets along this famous it’s best to visit during summer. Visiting the Yangzte river should definitely be on your list of best places to go in China in summer.




| Best Places To Go In China In Summer For Photography|

| Best Places To Go In China In Summer For Photography|


What did you think of our article – Best Places To Go In China In Summer For Photography? Were there any locations which we missed which should be included on this Summer China hit list? If so,let us know in the comments section below!</p

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