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Sep 12 2016


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A little while ago we started hinting at the possibility of an international trip in late September. One month later, we had the tickets purchased and had begun planning like crazy.

A couple of months before there was no chance of us going on an international trip to a western area. At this point we were thinking of finishing our contract and hitting the road to travel throughout Asia, because traveling was much cheaper there for the long term.



However we changed our minds on the contract and signed for one more year, meaning we had roughly one month to go somewhere beautiful before we went back to teaching English. ¬†While it would be cheaper to travel in Asia, we knew that we’d probably travel this region after our contract ends, so thought we’d pick a destination a little farther away from China.



Actually breaking out of the Asia bubble makes our trip even more exciting for us. There’s only so much rice and temples one couple can take, and we’ve been craving proper western food¬†and different landscapes for months. We love China, but we need a quick break to refresh from all things Asian for it to all be exciting again.

Today we’re finally going to announce where we’re going.



We’re spending a month in…


If you have known us for a while, you would know that this will be one of our dream trips. We’ve wanted to visit this area for ages and were meant to visit in our 2013 trip but ran out of money.¬†We also had a few problems in the lead up to this trip, and I honestly believed it wasn’t going to happen. However, our bosses worked really hard to make it happen for us which was lovely.


Our Itinerary


With a limited amount of time in this massive region for this particular trip we’ve had to narrow down our itinerary to one area and five countries. Here’s our plans.





In Switzerland we’ll be spending most of our time in¬†Interlaken with a few side trips to Lucerne, Lauterbrunnen and Zurich. Here we’re flying (literally) head first into the Swiss life with a mix of classic Swiss luxury, adventure and, of course, stunning scenery to photograph.




Italy has been right at the top of my list for the past year and I can’t believe we’re going to be there so soon. In Italy we will be visiting the Cinque Terre, Florence, Lake Misurina and the Dolomites, Rome and of course, Venice.


Italy has so much stunning city and natural scenery and is bound to be a dream to photograph and film.¬†Also, mostly we’re looking forward to eating a lot of pizza and gelato, the pizza in Italy is said to be legendary.




A little off the classic Western Europe route, Slovenia is a place that intrigued us since the very second we saw pictures of Lake Bled. This beautiful country will be seeing a lot of us as we not only visit Ljubljana and Lake Bled, but also the Soca Valley region.



In case you’re wondering the Soca Valley is¬†a river that winds through parts of the country with its mystical blue water. It’s the adventure area in Slovenia so this part of our trip will be the time where our swimwear will get the most use. Coming from a country surrounded by so many beautiful beaches, to living in a country where the majority of people can’t swim, means we’ve been crazing the water like nothing else. Of course, the Soca river isn’t a beach, but it’s as pretty as one and the key element is there (water)!




We have a sneaky trip to Hallstatt planned in Austria as our only stop in the country. While there’s so much we’d like to see, we only have a limited amount of time. We’ll be staying here for 3 nights and plan to see (and photograph / film) as much as we can ¬†in the region.




Finally, we’ll be visiting Germany, namely Munich. Again, there’s so much to see here but with limited time we can only see and do so much. Here not only will we get to see the highlights in and around Munich, we will also get to catch up with one of my favourite girls from my exchange in Mexico!




How To See Europe With Us

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While you can see our adventures on all of our social media channels, we’ll be sharing most frequently on Youtube, Snapchat and our Instagram accounts.¬†We can’t wait to share our trip with you all and suss out¬†the best places to photograph.




Naturally, we’ll be recording each and every day of our trip on video so make sure you subscribe to our Travel Vlog channel on Youtube. While the videos won’t be completely in sync date wise, as we aren’t daily vloggers, we will be uploading twice weekly videos while we’re traveling so you can see what we see.



Lexi Jackson | Study Abroad

Now, if you do want to see what we’re doing in real time, Snapchat is the place to find us! Make sure you’re following theygetaround¬†(our username) to check out our day to day adventures now and while we’re in Europe!




For something a little more polished, we’ll be uploading our photographs of the trip to our Instagram accounts. For amazing travel photography check out @theygetaround, and for wanderlust-y photos follow Lexi on @imlexijackson¬†and Steven on @stevie__j__.



Can’t wait to share our Europe trip with you. We leave in just over a week so you can start watching us on Snapchat from the evening of the 18th of September. Let us know if you have any tips for Europe, or attraction / restaurant recommendations in the cities we’ll be visiting below in the comments.



*Europe photographs and cover photo is CC0*

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