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As we are approaching the Australian winter break we have decided to showcase the beauty of Queensland starting with the south-east region.

Earlier in the year (in fact one of our first blog posts) we announced a South East Queensland Bucket List which we are ashamed to say we have crossed off almost none of these. University got largely in the way as did building our blogs so we now have the joy of squeezing many of these South East Queensland bucket list activities off our list in one go.Continue Reading..

It doesn’t matter if you are travelling solely with a carry on bag or combined with a larger backpack, there are certain things that are helpful to pack in your hand luggage. Sometimes it is more convenient to have certain items within your personal reach, not to mention keeping your belongings close means they are less likely to be stolen.Continue Reading..

We’ve all heard classic travel quotes about wanderlust and ships not fulfilling their proper roles.

We’ve actually heard them far too often, so here are some less known travel quotes to inspire you to see the world.Continue Reading..


Picture this – You’re walking through a thick humid jungle, a very muddy walking track surrounded by spiders, and best of all, having mosquitoes snapping at your heels.Continue Reading..

I don’t know about you but when searching for a hotel the only things we check for are a double bed and free wifi, so far a hotel has always been a place to lay our heads at nights, not an attraction in itself.

However we’ve recently learnt there are numerous hotels around the world that would be worth the trip alone.Continue Reading..


The fabled Aussie drinking games, which are as loud as an Acca Dacca (AC/DC) concert, and as messy as a 2 week holiday to Thailand.Continue Reading..

This week instead of a normal post we’ll be sharing one of our favourite images. This shot was taken in Caye Caulker, Belize looking out into the ocean.

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Last minute hotel reservations help save you money by allowing you to book the hotels you want at a fraction of the price.Continue Reading..

Tips for crossing the border into Guatemala, or any Central American/South American county.

It may look stressful and chaotic when you arrive, but there really isn’t too much to worry about.  In short all you need to do is pay an exit fee, become cleared in the Mexican system as leaving,  become admitted in Guatemala and cross the border. Easy!

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If you’re looking for an adventure in New Zealand head straight to the adventure capital Queenstown. Queenstown is one of New Zealand’s most popular backpacking towns mostly because there are so many adrenalin pumping activities here including bungy jumping.

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